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Our Goal

      The primary goal of Secure Simple Computers is to make computing an enjoyable experience at a reasonable cost.  Our desire is to:

  • Recommend only products and services that are needed to meet the needs of the customer using existing equipment when at all possible
  • Help customers "think outside the box" by offering creative solutions to expand the capability of their equipment to improve the quality of the business or home life.
  • Create an environment to:
    1. Protect investment, both equipment and vital data, from loss
    2. Provide a safe computer environment for business and family members
  • After completion of service, leave with customer:
    1. Documentation to assist in learning new changes
    2. Provide telephone support for an agreed period, typically two weeks
    3. A printout of customer equipment (layout) with full details for future reference.

      Computers, as we know them today, have become a very necessary part of our lives. We are constantly reminded about the consequences of not having adequate computer security, mostly justified, although, some greatly exaggerated. The subject of internet security; safe-keeping of personal information and child safety, is of major concerns for many.  Protection of data is of vital importance as many learned in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina after losing vital data for their business or losing precious family photos.  Statistics shows that a business has a less than 50% chance of surviving following a complete loss of data.

      Simply stated, Secure Simple Computers' goal is to help you meet your goals.

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